Working with a Podcast Producer: Myrriah Gossett of Seen

by createpod_1ntv0l

We chat with Austin-based podcast producer Myrriah Gossett on this episode of Create Pod. Myrriah joined us at Permanent RCRD Studios in Austin to discuss her important role as a producer on great shows like Seen with Miranda, Creative Queso, and Masters and Founders. 

We began our chat by asking Myrriah about some of her failures, or the more challenging moments, that she learned from on the road to becoming a producer.

You can learn more about Myrriah and her work at her website.

What we used to produce this episode of Create Pod
2 Shure SM7B microphones
2 Cloudlifter mic activators
1 Audio Technica ATR 2100 microphone
1 Behringer U-Phoria UMC404 HD audio interface
1 Mac Mini
1 Zoom H1 portable recorder (backup)
Software and Services
Adobe Audition CC
Auphonic Multitrack (desktop)

The music heard in this episode is “Depressed” by The Lookers and The Inventors’ “Land Water,” used under Creative Commons.

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