The Art of the Personal Podcast Interview with Miranda Wylie

by createpod_1ntv0l

We kick off season 2 of Create Pod with Miranda Wylie, host of Seen with Miranda, an Austin, TX, based interview podcast about identity and self-expression.

Miranda is also the co-founder of Bedpost Confessions, a celebrated live storytelling show in Austin, and a programmer for South by Southwest.

We caught Miranda at an interesting time in her podcasting career. She had just wrapped up an incredible first season of her podcast, which focuses on in-depth personal interviews with creatives and other talented people. And she was considering how, when, and maybe even why to start another season of the show.

Stream this ep to hear Miranda discuss her intimate interviewing style, how she creates a safe and inviting space that inspires her podcast guests to get personal on the mic, and the struggles of juggling multiple creative projects at once.

The music heard in this episode is by Black Ant, used under Creative Commons.

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