Spotify Podcaster Boot Camp Alum Ivy Le on Pitching, Crowdfunding and Producing

by createpod_1ntv0l

Were back with another interview episode. This time, we chat with Ivy Le, a podcaster here in Austin and an alum of the 2018 Spotify Sound Up accelerator program. Ivy was chosen to be a part of the program that Spotify put together last year to educate and support women of color in developing podcasts. Ivy talks a lot about the Spotify program, what she learned there, there are lots of takeaways for podcasters in this interview.

Ivy’s podcast is called FOGO, which is short for Fear of Going Outside. It’s a very unique show, sort of a hybrid of comedy show, narrative storytelling, and personal journal. She’s currently in production on the first season. 

And like a lot of podcasters we talk to , she’s also a writer, she covered the Beer beat for a long time for the Austin Chronicle, and she’s also master marketer with a history in marketing and communication, and she is great at all that stuff. So lots to to learn from Ivy in this episode. Did I mention she’s also a comedian? She does it all, and it was great to learn form her experience. 

The music heard in this episode is by Black Ant, used under Creative Commons.

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